Major Medical Cable manufacturer. SYNDEX TECHNICAL SUPPLIES LTD. grows from customized OEM foundation to create its private brand.





March 12, 2021

Since its establishment in 1993SYNDEX Technical Supplies Ltd. has been a professional supplier of customized cables and components for various electromedical and dental equipment. Starting from OEM and ODM services, Syndex gradually launches its own brand and obtained various certifications including ISO 13485 and CE; it is now actively expanding its business around the world and aims to provide the best quality service.

For nearly the first quarter of its business, Syndex was entirely dedicated to OEM customers. Throughout the years, Syndex’s role is not only a manufacturer, but is also capable of providing technical inputs including manufacturability, material selection based on customers’ needs or sterilization methods, and even regulation related advices as it is regularly touching base with regulatory consultants. Below flow chart shows the steps of starting a new OEM project with Syndex. With all these added values, customers gain trust on Syndex and are eager to cooperate with them on more challenging projects.

                                    New Product Development

In 2005, Syndex co-developed a patented electrosurgical cable that fits both European and American forceps instruments with a long-time customer, it was the world’s first universal bipolar cable. Before that, users would have to purchase two separate cables to accomplish the same task. Syndex further cooperated with the customer again in 2015 to develop a universal monopolar cable that fits two different types of electrosurgical generators, which was patented as well.

Although Syndex’s OEM business was growing steadily, the founder Mr. Sun decided to take a major step forward to launch its private brand of medical cables in 2017. It was costly creating one’s own brand, Syndex had to invest on molds for different cable connectors, also budget for marketing increased drastically. But Mr. Sun saw it as an opportunity to expand its customers range to include distributors which could quickly help Syndex to promote their products to more local hospitals. In 2020, Syndex obtained CE certificate for these cables, their next goal is to register with U.S. FDA to further complete its certification process.     

Syndex's cables are two toned design so they stand out among others, and double insulated for safety protection. In addition, the ergonomic design increases ease of use and comfortability for the surgeons; the plastic material has a soft texture, making it more comfortable to hold and non-slippery. 100% of the plastic material is recyclable, in line with the international trend for environmental protection. The cable uses nickel or gold-plated conductors to give good wear resistance and high conductivity.

Syndex Technical Supplies Ltd. has always been dedicated to the manufacturing of medical cables. From the initial OEM service, to the following joint development of medical cables with customers, then to the research and development of its own brand which successfully passed the CE certification, ISO 9001 certification, and ISO 13485 certification.

The key to the success of Syndex Technical Supplies lies in their 3C assurance of continuity, competitiveness, and consistency, allowing customers to experience high quality products at affordable prices and the possibility of customizing the color and length of the cables. Syndex will continue to provide top quality products and services to both their OEM and standard product customers.