Model No: SVL-10 / SVL-20

Reusable Bipolar Cable, Valleylab + European/US Forceps Socket

SVL-10/SVL-20, reusable bipolar cable that can be used with a range of medical equipment, including highly precise electrosurgical instruments. Contact us to get a custom quote.
Valleylab plug (pin to pin 28.58mm)

Reusable electrosurgical bipolar cable (autoclavable)

1. Shrouded to prevent electric shock.
2. Nickel or Gold Plated Alloy contact for: better abrasion resistance and conductivity.
3. Non-slip and Ergonomic design.
4. 100% recyclable molding material.
5. Soft texture.
6. Two tone distinctive design.
7. Strain Relief.
8. Double insulated and different colors for electrical isolation and safety warning.
9. Round cable, easy to clean.

Special length/color can be custom ordered.

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